The Idea

Provide a fundraising option that offered people the ability to decorate a space with custom framed wall art while contributing to a cause, easily and affordablely

We started EmpteeSpace, which blends fundraising, e-commerce, logistics, and an intense focus on the customer’s customer, to make custom framing and art purchasing the best fundraising option. We are a special kind of company. We have lived the artist life. We deliver a deeply personal product and experience. We use a commercial scale to make framing faster and more affordable, but we strive to make each organization that conducts a fundraiser with our product experience special.

We are deeply immersed in the whole process, our expert framers make everything in our state of the art production facility and our art publisher print everything in their state of the art production facility in the tri-state area (New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut). We are so proud to be producing every frame and art print, customized for you, right here in the United States. Our mission is to make it easy for your Organizations, group, and teams to support a worthy cause while investing in beautifying and personalizing their empty space with things they love. We hope customers have a home or office that is personal to them with empty space or not. Together, we will help fill that space.