What It Is

Fundraising with wall art and custom art framing.

The Right Product

Wall art fundraiser. Use selection of prints for a fundraising campaign. You select what prints to sell. Your fundraiser with us comes with an e-commerce website and custom catalog exclusive to your group with only the prints you selected.

Wide Selection of Art

We have thousands of prints in a wide variety of styles. You can browse by genre, subject, color, and more. From abstract and animals to art for Kids to dance. Figurative to motivational. Movies to music. Scenic to still life, and more. You are sure to find art that is right for your group.

Custom Frames

It's no secret that custom frames cost more than off-the-shelf frames. Custom framing with archival components offer the best way to ensure artwork last, looks good, remain in the best condition. Custom frames built with archival components.

How It Works

Everybody loves tech gadgets, But our’s is different. Here is how it works. Its should be simple. Add how easy is to install your product

How It Works

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How It Works


Your group or leader choose which art prints to offer for your fundraising campaign. Register group's fundraiser participant

How It Works


Receive order forms, sales brochure, e-commerce website, prize program, and seller's ids for selling

How It Works


Get your team energized. Kickoff your fundraiser!

The Benefits

Whatever your customers’ interest, décor style, or inspiration – we are sure to have the art they will love.


We offer your group incredible art prints for your fundraising endeavors.


You choose what to art sell. From abstract and animals to art for Kids to dance to fashion. From figurative to music to movies and more


From the moment your buyers browse your catalog and website, to the day their art is delivered: Delight your buyers every step of the way


Every piece is hand built in the USA by our team of craftspeople. Old school craftsmanship, today’s technology, and attention to detail are our calling cards

One of a kind

Each custom frame is truly one of a kind. Made of solid wood with premium finishes. Each piece custom cut & joined to fit the artwork just right

Purchasing options

Purchasing options equal more sales. Fundraising with us gives your group more purchasing options at checkout that helps seal the transaction

That Extra Mile

How we do customer service. With our experience, we feel confident in our ability to help you fundraise with EmpteeSpace. Please fill out the form or call us today at 1-800-123-4567.

They Ask

Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to send us an email to hello@product.com

Can EmpteeSpace Fundraising help any group with their fundraising needs?

James Answer: We have the knowledge and product needed to help make your fundraising program a big success. We offer a large variety of art prints, from abstract and animals to art for Kids to dance, figurative to motivational, Movies to music to still life, and more. We take a great deal of pride in helping groups raise the money they aim for when fundraising with empteespace custom framed art prints.

What about door-to-door selling?

The EmpteeSpace Fundraising does not encourage door-to-door selling. In reality, most fundraising sales are made to parents, caregivers, family members, friends, co-workers, and online. The sellers should be encouraged to sell to parents, relatives, friends. And parents/caregivers can take the fundraising brochures to work. In addition, out of town relatives and friends can support your organization by shopping online at your group's online store. Your organization will receive profit and the seller will receive credit towards prizes.

How do customers get their custom framed art and art prints?

Both brochure orders and online purchases are shipped directly to the customer via our shipping partner.

How much time should I give my sellers to fundraise?

Most fundraising groups sell for two or three weeks. Be sure to include at least two weekends in the selling time.

Do you require a minimum group fundraising order?

Yes. There is a total minimum order required for your group fundraising with empteespace. Total minimum orders also apply on direct sale items (total brochure orders).

Do we have to sign a organization/group fundraising contract?

Before we can ship you your fundraising material and create online store you will need to sign a program fundraising agreement that obligates us to help you make your fundraiser a success.

Do you have an online store?

No. Your group has an online store. Your fundraising group can share wth out-of-towners their seller id numbers so consumers can make onlne purhcase that can be atrributed to the seller. Your organization will receive profit for art prints (custom framed and not framed) ordered and the seller will receive credit towards prizes during the sale.

Who can I call if I have questions?

If at anytime you have questions, please contact our live support staff direct at toll-free xxx-xxx-xxxx (10:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. EST) or email us at email-address-here.com. We're here to make your fundraising experience easier and we'll be by your side throughout the entire process.


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